Isaiah Illustrated paperback (650 color printed pages)

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Isaiah Illustrated paperback (650 color printed pages)
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Isaiah Illustrated is a full-color workbook for students of Isaiah. Rhonda Pickering has been teaching Isaiah classes for over 25 years while developing charts and diagrams based on the landmark research of Dr. Avraham Gileadi on the Book of Isaiah. This text is the author’s compilation and illustration of three critical elements from Dr. Gileadi’s work: 
1)    The New Translation of Isaiah from the Hebrew maintaining Isaiah’s original poetry
2)    The Literary Message of Isaiah (1994 edition) detailing the literary structures and architecture embedded in the Book of Isaiah
3)    Dr. Gileadi’s verse-by-verse audio commentary of Isaiah, transcribed and inserted in comment boxes throughout the text*
Seven themes that are key to discovering Isaiah’s literary structures are represented by color-coded comment boxes in chapters 1–33 and then again in chapters 34–66. Over 120-pages of charts and illustrations have been added to further assist readers in developing tools and skills that will not only unlock the incredible message of Isaiah but deepen and expand understanding of all scripture.

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