Whose Sabbath is Sabbath? (Last week of Christ)

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Whose Sabbath is Sabbath? (Last week of Christ)
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     Have you ever wondered why some people sanctify Friday as their Holy Day, other proclaim Saturday to be the Sabbath, and meanwhile, the majority of Christians wrship on Sunday? Does it even matter? And if it does, is it possible to determine just which on of ur Pagan-named week-days is acturlly the 7th day? In history, who decided 'Moon-day' (Monday), "Sun-day" (Sunday), "Saturn-day" Saturday or any other Pagan-named day to be the sabbath. Has an unbroken 7-day cycle been absolutely maintained throughout the ages? Join us as we search out answers, and journey back in time to the last week of Christ's ministry for the answers to our question. There we will find a scriptural pattern that rresolves the issue once and for all-- and there again. we willl stnd amazed at the majesty of God's appointed times.
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