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Rhonda's Isaiah Classes

Finally! You can understand Isaiah with these new video classes that are based on the works of
Dr. Avraham Gileadi

Lesson 1 (1.1B) Isaiah Class Introduction

Study Isaiah—Why??!
Class textbooks: The End from the Beginning by Avraham Gileadi & Isaiah Illustrated by Rhonda Pickering
In this class you will find tools that will start to unlock the scriptures for YOU!

Lesson 2 (1.2B) Patterns & The Day of the Lord

Isaiah 1–2, 34–35
It starts with Apostasy and Judgment—but it ends with Restoration and Salvation! The Millennium is just around the corner...for real!

Lesson 3 (1.3B) Ancient Codenames & Types

Isaiah (8), 10 & 19–20, (30–31)
Egypt and Assyria are codenames for two end-time superpowers—America and the "king of the North." Zion and Jerusalem will pass tests of loyalty in two distinct battles—one for the house of Joseph and one for the house of Judah.

Lesson 4 (2.1B) The Fairytale & Example of Structure Part 1

Isaiah 7 & 61 + Book of Ruth 

Lesson 4 (2.1B) The Fairytale & Example of Structure Part 2

Isaiah 7 & 61 + Book of Ruth

Lesson 5 (2.2B) A-J-R-S & Threats 1-2-3 Part 1

Reading Isaiah Chapters 3-5

Lesson 5 (2.2B) Jacob 5 Part2

Reading Jacob Chapter 5

Lesson 6 (2.3B) Isaiah’s Zion Ideology

Reading Isaiah chapters 36-39

Lesson 7 (2.4b) Curses & Blessings

Reading Isaiah chapters 3 and 24 (Deuteronomy 27-30)

Lesson 8 (3.1B) 30 Domino End-time Events Part 1

3.1B Isaiah's Domino Events 1–20 create an end-time chronology

Lesson 8 Part 2 (3.1B) 30 Domino End-time Events Part 2

Continuing the last 10 of the 30 Domino Events of Isaiah. These events create a chronology of prophecy regarding the end-times. The reference material for these events is Windows on the Prophecy of Isaiah, Avraham Gileadi, Part 4.

Lesson 9 - Doomsday for the Wicked (3.2B)

As the tables turn on the Harlot Babylon and later on the king of Assyria, the wicked are destroyed as Zion/Jerusalem is delivered.

Lesson 10 (3.3B) Deliverance of Zion

"All ye inhabitants of the world... see ye when He lifteth up an ensign on the mountains!" (Isa 18:3.) God wants us to rejoice in what He is creating! We must "see" the deliverance of Zion to have the faith and hope we need for the future.

Lesson 11 (4.1B) Two Types of Covenants

Conditional & Unconditional Covenants—Mount Sinai is used as an example of a national, conditional covenant; while the covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob demonstrate individual, unconditional covenants. Includes Joshua and Revelation parallels, The 10 Tests of Abraham, and the sermon of Moses at the Red Sea from Josephus. 
Next week's reading is Isaiah 56 & 57 and Joshua 7

Lesson 12 Israel Is Responsible for Herself (4.2B)

Israel's experiences on the way to Mount Sinai parallel end-time wilderness experiences as Zion learns to trust her God and she becomes His people. Differences between the collective Sinai covenant and the individual Abrahamic covenant are explained, nevertheless, when Israel can no longer stay faithful to a man, she chooses a king for protection instead of her God.

Lesson 13 The Davidic Covenant (4.3B)

The Davidic Covenant is the means by which a proxy savior can minister to others and invoke protection for them. In this lesson, we will explore the making of Davidic kings and the role played by not only the greatest of all Davidic kings (Jesus Christ Himself) but also by another son of David—raised up in the latter days. The choices we make during these grand end-time events are represented symbolically by plants, stones, metals, and even animals!

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