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Rhonda's Isaiah Classes

Finally! You can understand Isaiah with these new video classes that are based on the works of
Dr. Avraham Gileadi

Lesson 1 (1.1B) Isaiah Class Introduction

Study Isaiah—Why??!
Class textbooks: The End from the Beginning by Avraham Gileadi & Isaiah Illustrated by Rhonda Pickering
In this class you will find tools that will start to unlock the scriptures for YOU!

Lesson 2 (1.2B) Patterns & The Day of the Lord

Isaiah 1–2, 34–35
It starts with Apostasy and Judgment—but it ends with Restoration and Salvation! The Millennium is just around the corner...for real!

Lesson 3 (1.3B) Ancient Codenames & Types

Isaiah (8), 10 & 19–20, (30–31)
Egypt and Assyria are codenames for two end-time superpowers—America and the "king of the North." Zion and Jerusalem will pass tests of loyalty in two distinct battles—one for the house of Joseph and one for the house of Judah.

Lesson 4 (2.1B) The Fairytale & Example of Structure Part 1

Isaiah 7 & 61 + Book of Ruth 

Lesson 4 (2.1B) The Fairytale & Example of Structure Part 2

Isaiah 7 & 61 + Book of Ruth

Lesson 5 (2.2B) A-J-R-S & Threats 1-2-3 Part 1

Reading Isaiah Chapters 3-5

Lesson 5 (2.2B) Jacob 5 Part2

Reading Jacob Chapter 5

Lesson 6 (2.3B) Isaiah’s Zion Ideology

Reading Isaiah chapters 36-39

Lesson 7 (2.4b) Curses & Blessings

Reading Isaiah chapters 3 and 24 (Deuteronomy 27-30)

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