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Dating the of the Ministry of Christ (Daniel Charts)Dating the of the Ministry of Christ (Daniel Charts)Using the historical documents of Josephus and contemporary secular sources, we are able to lay out a timeline depicting the Birth, Ministry and Crucifixion of Christ congruent with the scriptural record.  We then can arrive at astonishing fulfillment of Daniel's multi-layered prophecies scribed over 500 years before.
Last Week of ChristLast Week of ChristBy carefully following the chronological record as laid out in the gospels, we are able to construct the last week of the Savior's mortal ministry and resurrection.  We then can determine what day Christ honored as the 7th day, and thus remove the long debated controversy over which day is the Sabbath.
Whose Sabbath is Sabbath? (Last week of Christ)Whose Sabbath is Sabbath? (Last week of Christ)
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